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Added: 28th June 2015
Posted By: Metalman
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This is a possible ufo i spotted one night and didn't think to grab my phone until just before it moved. I didn't realize i was not recording and only hit record just before i turned it off so i only got a couple of seconds. This was there for about 1/2 hr. and it moved to the west and...

Tags: ufo, flying, alaska,space, alien
Added: 23rd April 2011
Posted By: Metalman
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Russian ufo crash investigated by the Army. You decide what you see.

Tags: UFO, crash, russia, investigate, army
'Dead Alien' In Russia Goes Viral (VIDEO)
Added: 20th April 2011
Posted By: Metalman
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Shot as two Russian-speaking men walk across a snowy countryside, fuzzy footage of what is claimed to be the shriveled-up corpse of a "dead alien" has become an Internet sensation. The video's description says the "alien," which looks suspiciously like a "rubber...

Tags: Video , Dead Alien , Extra-Terrestrial Being , Russia Dead Alien , Ufo , World News